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This is where we say some catchy phrase, but we’re not doing that



Design Development

Purpose: To define the project requirements. Offer alternative choices based on theme or budget, define the scope of work, and present value propositions for the right price as a guide to the final design.

Construction Documents

Purpose: To obtain all permits from required agencies so that costs can be finalized.

Construction and Project Management

Scope is agreed, budgets presented earlier are placed into action, and the customer makes the ultimate decision.



 We allow you to concentrate on growing, extracting, producing a product for the Cannabis Industry. You should be good at that by now.

What we are good at – Merging the design and construction together making you more efficient.

Be it growing, power use, lighting, air flow, humidity and temperature control, CO2 generation, extraction, ventilation and exhaust, fire codes, bomb rooms, flash freezing, infusion, ADA access, fire code, mechanical code, water supply and collection, ozone, monitoring, wall panel and doors, fertigation, epoxy flooring, drainage, waste and garbage, control rooms.

We could go on. Safe to say, it can be overwhelming.
Each one topic being fairly simple but compiling it all can be confusing and costly. Let us do that part for you.


Grow Builders is a licensed Design/Build General Contractor with over 30 years’ experience in several areas of construction types.  In the 1980’s we were doing Haz Mat rooms  & H Occupancies for the electronics and semiconductor industry.  Later moved to agriculture storage processing, and manufacturing.  Today we combine all those experiences to support the Cannabis Industry.

Based in Northern California. We provide pre-construction services, design-assist, design-build, and bid-build construction services for commercial,retail, industrial, and other specialized projects, ranging from adaptive reuse to the construction of new facilities.

It is our goal to earn your business by collaborating on your project to make it a success.


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